I started taking prenatal yoga with Janna a few weeks ago and I can’t say enough about her instruction! I haven’t taken yoga in quite a while and was concerned, especially being pregnant, that I would have difficulty. Janna is incredibly patient and attentive to every posture and movement and has really helped me work through some pregnancy pains (ie low back and sciatica). She has also helped me focus on breathing to better connect the mind and body. Really a great class and instructor!

~ Meghan E.

I have been taking Janna Goodman’s prenatal yoga class. She is excellent and really caters to the individual participants needs. Highly recommend!

~ Andrea G.

I began yoga with Janna after a life changing head injury. It has been a difficult year for me and I needed something that was going to help me find strength. Janna has guided me to finding that strength. She listened as I explained my pain and geared many of her classes by keeping my injury and mental/emotional space in mind. During certain poses in her restorative class, she placed props on my head during savasana and it always made me feel better. When she could see that I was having an emotional day, she would incorporate many poses for hips so that I could release what needed to be let go of. Janna’s classes have brought me to tears because of the grounding connection she has helped me to find. Her short stories and quotes that she reads each class are inspiring and thought-provoking. Janna knows her students, pushing them beyond their comfort level, but not pushing them too hard. She is easy to understand and follow, even if the pose is complicated. Janna is attentive to each individual student whether it’s a three person class or a ten person class. She is a true inspiration to me and I can’t thank her enough for being such a guiding light to me during my journey to health.

~ Meghan D.

Janna is a very caring and excellent Yoga teacher. She’s extremely knowledgable and always attentive to the individual differences and needs of each student in the class. I highly recommend her.

~ Fran R.

I have been taking Janna’s Gentle Flow & Restore class on Friday at Ho-Ho-Kus Yoga for the past six months. If you are looking for a caring, welcoming instructor who tries to tailor each class to the needs of her students as well as provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere where you eagerly accept a challenge each week, then definitely practice yoga with Janna! She has a wealth of knowledge about the body and many yoga positions. Her soothing voice and personal attention during each class have sent me home with a smile on my face each week.

~ Carol C.

I’ve been taking yoga classes with Janna for a couple of years now. I’ve enjoyed her regular yoga classes and moved on to her prenatal classes while I was pregnant. Janna is an incredible instructor – she’s friendly and patient, and she’s able to put everyone in her class at ease, regardless of their level of practice. She customizes postures and stretches to her students’ skill level and particular needs. She’s challenged me when I wanted a more physical practice, and she’s also helped me relax my mind and soul on days when I needed it! I always come out of Janna’s classes feeling much better than when I started. I highly recommend Janna and her classes.

~ Zarah M.